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Use this guideline to help achieve chemical balance

Free Chlorine                      1-3 ppm

Bromine Level                    2-4 ppm

pH                                         7 .2-7.8

Alkalinity                           100-130 ppm

Calcium Hardness            200-250 ppm

Chlorine stabilize-CYA      45-80 ppm

Copper or Iron                    O ppm

                                                                  ppm= parts per million

Sizing Your Pool

This chart will let you know the approximate size and number of gallons your pool contains.

This is helpful when adding the proper amounts of chemicals


Rectangular: length x width x Average Depth=size
x 7.5(for gallons)
Circular: Diameter x Average Depth=size
x 5.9(for gallons)
Oval: Long Diameter x Average depth=size
x 5.9(for gallons)

Local businesses and events

Rosso Pizzeria & Wine bar

Authentic Italian food with a Sonoma county flair. An incredible selection of wine.

Locations in Santa Rosa (2) and Petaluma California

Bob's Pool

North Bay Aquatics

Spa Land

Northwood Golf Club

Adams springs Golf Club

Ukiah Golf Club

Ukiah Speedway

Bev Audio

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